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Work in the field of Internet

The world wide web has given life to many promising new professions. To date, the situation in Internet Commerce is stable, even there is a constant growth.

Experts distinguish two areas in the Internet sphere. The first is focused on business (buisiness to buisiness), and the second — directly to the consumer (buisiness to consumer). Moreover, the first direction has a more pronounced dynamics and real growth prospects. There is nothing surprising in this. Business representatives have long understood what virtual reality is, and decided for themselves to what extent they can use it for business. However, in the vast expanses of our country you can still find a man who has not heard a word of this.

What professions have appeared in the Internet business, and which have receded into the background? How much do virtual front fighters earn now? What are the requirements for them?

Do you remember this profession — webmaster? “There were such”, — will tell you in any capital personnel Agency working in the field of IT. Four years ago there was a considerable demand for them, and the specialists themselves were not found with fire in the afternoon. From that profession there were several new — Manager, project Manager, web designer, web programmer and development specialist. It turns out that the web master of the last century — and Shvets, and the Reaper, and on dude igrets. Today, the situation has changed radically — in the courtyard of the century of narrow specialization.

Virtual Manager is also in short supply
Good leaders are needed everywhere, including for work in the network. Recently, often in recruiting companies there are applications for Directors of online stores.

Someone will laugh: what can be sold in a store that exists only in the virtual world? Nevertheless, today many companies are actively using their Internet platforms to sell their own products. It is not surprising that there is a demand for good managers who can make business profitable.

By and large for the competent expert there is no special difference, than to operate. A professional Manager remains such on the Internet. It is obvious that in addition to owning the tools in the field of programming, he must own the whole package of good business education (logistics, Finance, pricing risk assessment), etc.

Project managers can be divided into two groups based on the tasks they face. Representatives of the first are engaged in the technical support of the project, the selection of a team to work on it. The task of the second group of specialists — promotion and support of the finished site, attracting advertisers. The dream of the employer — to get at their disposal a specialist who would be able to perform all these functions.

Web design
Web designers are creative specialists. Therefore, the main requirement for them — the presence of a portfolio (package, list of works). Their path is the development of website design, page layouts, logos. In a number of organizations, the duties of a web designer also include coding. They also need to know the answer to the question “How to create your website?”.

Banner maker — a specialist who is related to both the design and development (promotion) of the site. Perhaps that is why the combination of professions is very often practiced in this sector. Sometimes the duties of a banner maker are performed by a development Manager, web programmer or web designer. However, in large commercial projects, as a rule, there is a person who is engaged exclusively in the manufacture and placement of banners.

Technical writer
A technical writer is a person who describes a product produced by a company (usually companies working in the field of information technology), both for the consumer and for the professional market. It also collects, organizes and structures the information that comes from different departments of the company.

It is interesting that in recent years the supply always exceeds the demand for such work. The reason is that “technical writing” is still not taught anywhere. As a result, anyway, but everyone who works now in this direction – self-taught. Everything from beginner to professional.

According to various estimates, the income of technical writers — from 600 to 800 dollars.

It is interesting that the names of some professions are treated differently by different experts. For example, today there is no clear idea of what a web developer. Some people think that he is an ordinary programmer. Others mean by this term the management of the group, the creation of some specific applications. Definitely only one thing — get these experts from $ 800 per month.

Content editor
Today, every respected company has its own website or portal on the Internet. It can be a component of corporate culture or, on the contrary, an element of business. However, the time when the content of corporate websites engaged in all and Sundry, has passed. Currently, this is the case of the content editor (sometimes called content managers) — a person whose duties include the text content of the site or portal, constant updating of information. And since the Internet text and graphics are linked together, the content editor is responsible for the appearance of the site. In addition to the ability to collect information from different sources, organize and present it, a specialist content profile should be well versed in the specifics of the company. In small companies, content editors often have to deal with the development of the site. Journalists and philologists are considered to be the most successful in this field. Although the transition from journalism and even more so from Philology to web editing is not easy. It is necessary to properly understand the web technologies themselves, to have a clear idea of what goals and objectives the portal sets for itself, to what target audience is focused. In order to successfully cope with professional duties, in 90 % of cases requires knowledge of English.

The content has a female face, recruiters say. And not just by the way he has. Every year the representatives of the so-called weaker sex feel more confident in this business. Early very advanced specialists, met a female colleague, dismissive snorts. Perhaps this was due to the fact that the work we discussed is initially related to the technical background. And equipment, according to the belief of the majority, it is not female.

However, today there is practically no gender inequality in the described environment. Women make up the vast majority in the cohort of content editors. There are quite a lot of them among web designers, among sellers of services and marketers. Moreover, the woman — the head of the Internet project today is no surprise.

There is no Internet business and other now widespread discrimination — on the basis of age. The main thing that the person was good, that is a professional. Other spheres of domestic business can only dream of such a breadth of views.

Experts tend to think that in the coming years, the structure of the market and the professions demanded in it today will not undergo major changes. As for the professions of the near future, many believe that the emergence of new specialists will be associated with the arrival of new technologies, not new business areas (it is very likely to trade through the Internet IP-telephony services). It is also obvious that the world wide web will contribute to the development of the direction of remote work, for the successful implementation of which it is not necessary to appear in the office. You can have a stable income on the Internet.

In the West, not so long ago there was a profession with the controversial name “ethical hacker”. An employee, a former hacker hired by the company, analyzes the weaknesses of the information system, on the basis of which protects the network from hacking. It is likely that something like this will spread to us.

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