How to become not just a good, but a better system administrator
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"Code is the law": how to avoid substitution of the principle of decentralization (part 2)
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Free simulator for the formation of practical programming skills

Learning programming develops new ways of thinking, gives you the prospect of finding a good job, gives you a sense of superiority and generally makes you cool.

There is a natural question: how to learn programming? The first thing that comes to mind – buy a book “Programming for dummies.” Memorize all the terms, learn all the given code examples and be proud of your knowledge. But what good would that do? After all, a good programmer should not only know, but also be able to apply their knowledge in practice. Therefore, if you really want to become a coder, you need to look for other teachings.

And what if you join the open source project? They say that the team is easier. That’s right. The idea is good for those who are a little fumbling in such a difficult matter as programming. Well, if you do not fumble, you can still connect to such projects, fortunately, the Internet is full of them. They are stored on services such as GitHub, Sourceforge, gitorious and others. Here you can look at other people’s works in the field of programming, show your own and ask questions. Only there are a few disadvantages:

When you see some brilliant code in the vast expanses of such projects, you can become depressed for many months, close yourself and completely abandon programming, because you may come up with the idea: “I will never reach such heights as this guy who wrote a calculator on Pascal”.
Often beginners, once, for example, on GitHub, lost, do not know where to start and they have a long time to understand everything.
We conclude that the open source project – a cool thing, but for the training of a beginner is not quite suitable.

So what to do? Start programming now! Yes,without hesitation, start this minute. This is the best way to learn.

Now you are determined and ready to deal with all the difficulties that may be on the way to your goal. But it’s not easy for you to find where to start and what to choose for yourself in programming. Don’t worry, this problem is solvable. There is a free service for the formation of programming skills. ITVDN Skills is a sub-project of an online platform for teaching programming ITVDN, which aims to help to consolidate the knowledge acquired after watching video lessons. On ITVDN you master the theory, and with ITVDN Skills you pump the level of practical skills and can understand whether there are gaps in your knowledge.

ITVDN Skills are grouped practical tasks, after which you will be able to form an idea about programming, choose a specific direction, and develop practical skills, because you can learn to program only by practicing in writing code.

Now you know where to start and you can choose a workshop to your liking. The service provides a choice of such technologies at different levels:

C# Starter
SQL Essential
C# Essential
JavaScript for beginners
Workshop on C# is divided into two parts: Starter – for beginners (which are the majority of reading this article) and Essential – for those who have already learned some of the secrets of C#. So, if you are going to award # first place on the pedestal of your practical skills – feel free to start with Starter. Before you begin, be sure to look at the C# Starting on

If you are not interested in C# or you have realized that it is definitely not yours, you can start learning another language with courage. Here JavaScript, for example, than not the candidate? And a workshop on it is available. On ITVDN Skills it is created for both beginners and people who have experienced programming before. After passing it, you will learn how to analyze the code, you can understand what it will show at the output, and, of course, “fill” hand.

In carrying out the tasks of the workshop, hints are given everywhere. It helps a lot in the early stages. Also, the service has a special convenience and attractiveness of the interface. So it will be nice to work out the technique and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

What lessons have you digested all of the above advantages ITVDN Skill? Of course, this service is useful in the development of practical skills and consolidation of the material from the course you are studying. It is also convenient, simple and interesting. Don’t delay! Try and evaluate yourself!

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