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Labor market for IT specialists

The specialists of the IT-service – an essential component of any office. A leading programmer or IT Director in Ukraine can receive up to$ 3,500 per month for his work. The demand for them is growing very quickly – the degree of computerization of Ukraine is increasing.

A couple of decades ago, the faculties of Informatics and computer science trained specialists, who then sat for a long time in the institutes for scientific work. The reason is simple – the basic lack of computers in the population and in offices. Now this specialty has become one of the most popular Ukrainian universities, despite the fact that in real life to find its application, the programmer can mainly in two forms: IT-specialist – in a private company or “in the service of the sovereign”, and the programmer on free bread.The latter like to sit in institutes and departments of computer science faculties. Or create programs for Western companies.

The natural habitat of the first category of computer scientists – offices of companies where they are called system administrators. Moreover, the number of such specialists is directly proportional to the number of computers in the company: from 2-5 machines that require constant attention of one specialist, and ending with huge office systems, numbering 200-500 machines, which employs 4-10 system administrators.

It is easy to count the required number of system administrators. On average, an office network requires one specialist for 50 computers.

This is confirmed by the figures: compared with 2005, this figure increased by 101%. Although the demand for competent IT staff is growing at a huge pace every year, the hunt for such specialists is not yet clearly expressed. It will be possible to speak about its appearance in three or four years due to the arrival of large foreign companies on the Ukrainian market.

Small companies often solve such problems by outsourcing (from English. outsourcing – outsourcing for special applications). After all, the content of a full-fledged and working with the accuracy of the clock mechanism of the IT service is too expensive for a novice company. For the work of one “coming” specialist will have to pay a minimum of $1000 per month, but then do not have to take a staff of 2-5 employees.

The range of tasks that the company’s management is trying to “hang” on the IT Department is expanding every year. Now the usual system administrator performs several functions – from installation of necessary office programs, construction of a network and its maintenance in due condition to new “problems” of the Ukrainian bosses: introduction of mobile technologies in Central office and regional representations, display of a status of monitors of all employees on the screen of the chief, installation of “spy” programs. Every year the requirements for the IT Department of companies are growing. Not every system administrator is able to easily and quickly deliver the desired product, so looking for competent professionals.

Eternal student
It is easy to get a specialized education and become an IT specialist in Ukraine – almost every technical University or “multi-profile” University has faculties of Cybernetics, computer systems and so on. Traditionally, highly valued diploma of KPI and several regional universities, where studies on a contract basis will cost $2-3 thousand per year. However, as specified by the system administrators and programmers, for the employer an important addition to the diploma is a few additional “crusts” obtained after the exam Microsoft, Cisco and others. The cost of five-day courses will cost an average of $300-600, and access to testing, after which you can get the coveted diploma – another $200-400.

At the same time, system administrators note: only 40% of companies pay their employees for additional courses and seminars. But experts are actively engaged, seeing them as an opportunity for professional growth. In the course of work everyone strives to get new skills and their documentary confirmation, certification. This significantly increases the “cost” of the specialist, so the investment in education eventually pay off.

Good IT-specialists need not only specialized education, but also knowledge of a foreign language. Programmers do not particularly suffer from ignorance of the language – they speak English within the correspondence. And while developing programs, in parallel receive several additional diplomas – the fact that in the ever-changing world of computer technology have to learn constantly, everyone recognizes.

Not cost payment
With such a busy training and work schedule, not everyone is satisfied with the remuneration for their work. IT-specialists note that their work is clearly underestimated.

Starting his career in a small company, the system administrator can hardly expect a salary above $300 in the capital and $150-200 in the regions. The salary of a specialist who has already passed the “baptism of fire” increases to $600-800 in the capital and $300-500 in the regions.

If we talk about further growth, you can move to the head of Department or IT Director and earn $700-1600 a month, and in large companies – up to $3-3.5 thousand On average in three or four years, the developing company, increasing the number of computers, can create additional IT departments, which will be headed by system administrators-old-timers. However, as it-shniki note, it is possible to make career much quicker, passing to work in other, often competing, companies where offer both positions more seriously, and salaries are higher.

Indeed, in order to improve their financial status, it is more effective for this category of employees not to overcome hierarchical levels, but to move to work in larger companies. The most common motivation for the transition to a new job for a novice system administrator is a higher salary in another company.

The salary of IT specialists depends not only on the size of the company, but also on the scope of its activities. The maximum salary is observed in the areas of web development, Finance and telecommunications: up to $3 thousand per month (this is in large companies!).

While the “top” among IT-specialists is almost no – access to the Board of Directors can boast units. These positions are in the main personnel positions only in IT-companies. In General, the IT-service is treated as a support Department.

“piecework-premium” and taxes mostly do not pay. As the programmer told one of the Kiev institutes, at a salary about $200 on the main place of work, it with ease increases the monthly income in 10 times, working for private customers. However, such work is unstable, though well paid. Orders with free artist – it is empty, then thickly.

Those who take the position of a full-time programmer have more stable income. The average salary of a leading programmer is about $1 thousand per month. But not all firms adopt such a position. In small companies, IT-specialist is also a programmer, for which he receives a maximum of $800-900 per month.

IT professionals are very picky – they usually do not require social packages, health insurance and other privileges. The main thing for the IT-specialist – that he did not interfere with the work and did not save on the requests of the Department, for the programmer – to set a variety of tasks. The work should be interesting, in other words. But social packages, food and other bonuses are not so relevant for a beginner, although in the future they play an important role. Not yet heard about the massive growth of demands to the employer from the system administrators. But such specialists welcome the opportunity for career growth and training at the expense of the company.

At the same time, professional spirit is developed in the environment of IT-specialists as in no other sphere. Due to the direct relationship to high technology in this category of workers there are a lot of sites, blogs, chats to share information, not only in the field of purely technical interests, but also career. For example, “black” lists of employers are drawn up, there is a constant exchange of views on companies and specific people.

Revenge of angry dismissal IT people is legendary, so to see them beautifully made. No company wants to get “severance pay” in the form of viruses and “fallen” servers, so there are few scandals in this labor market. IT specialists should be invisible, believe in companies, and they believe that the best sysadmin is the one that lays all day “scarf” so everything in the grid works like a clock.

Our companies are not very concerned about finding competent IT specialists. Probably because for an assessment of professionalism special knowledge is necessary, and them, as a rule, the employer has no (if, of course, it is not a question of the IT company). Moreover, no one is engaged in “head hunting”, luring a specialist from a competitor – the market is not ready yet. However, soon – against the background of increasing computerization, widespread use of new technologies – this issue will become one of the important components of the competitiveness of companies. This is understood in the West, and we will understand. The demand for professionals rather than Windows-capable students has long exceeded supply.

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Labor market for IT specialists
The specialists of the IT-service - an essential component of any office. A leading programmer or IT Director in Ukraine can receive up to$ 3,500 per month for his work.…


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