Methods of assessing the economic efficiency of the use of information technology in the financial activities of enterprises
The urgency of the problem. A common approach to determining the economic efficiency of it implementation is the ratio of profit and total costs of the enterprise. However, the effectiveness…

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How Alexander Sysoev tamed Goliath (part 1)
This month Vladislav Moiseev's book "Business from nothing, or How to build an Internet company and not go crazy"is published. Forbes publishes a fragment from the book dedicated to Alexander…

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Website editor: head to the Internet
The Internet has everything that can interest and easily find answers to almost all questions. And to ensure that the information on the web-pages was relevant, interesting and readable, follows…

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Benefits of working as an online employee

Work on the Internet has become part of specialties and has grown to the volume of individual professions. With the development of IT-technologies, many people just started working only through the Internet.

Now there are few enterprises that do not use new technologies. Organizations use the Internet in their daily work. And many people work only through the Internet.

The benefactor of this:

Reduced spending on consumables and equipment;
Employees pay attention to work and are not distracted by extraneous phenomena, as they have little interest in it;
Such work is more effective;
The average salary of online employees is lower, as they are mostly young professionals and there is no loss of time and money for travel.
The benefits are pretty clear, but all employees will be able to work through the network, so many need to be watched. In order to guarantee the quality of work and timeliness, you can use pre-testing, interviews, temporary work in the office, etc.

There is also the question of what employees can be hired via the Internet, because some professions simply can not be put on the Internet! That’s exactly right. Only specialists with information will be able to work through the Internet.

The list of specialists with whom you can work through the network
1. Programmer – it makes no sense to buy another PC for the programmer, to allocate a workplace, if such an employee can work at home, and then send the necessary code.

2. Designer – it is clear that in a cozy home environment, the designer is more creative. And here, too, you can save on PC, room, paper and pencils, what else to say about electricity, power, etc.

3. VEB-master – with the development of the Internet, these specialists have become the most popular. We can also say that they introduced the concept of online work.

4. Translators

5. Web promoters

6. Content managers – if you need PC operators or scanners, it is easier to put them at home, buying them a scanner and a PC, the efficiency of such employees will be much higher. However, there is another option to increase the productivity of these employees – work in 3 shifts. But believe me, that young people are more willing to start working through the Internet, besides the circle of people who can work through the Internet is much higher.

7. And many others

Why online employees are profitable:

Lower costs for the employee;
High quality work;
Convenience for the employee.
In a few years, and this is confirmed by the latest news, and this effective form of business will become even more popular.

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