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Sensors everywhere: six stories of incredible profits and artificial intelligence (part 1)
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Website editor: head to the Internet

The Internet has everything that can interest and easily find answers to almost all questions. And to ensure that the information on the web-pages was relevant, interesting and readable, follows the editor of the site.

The scope of work of the editor on the Internet today is unusually wide. The first option is to get a job in one of the many online stores. Earnings on the Internet does not require the rental of commercial premises, a large number of sales consultants and with a competent approach to the promotion, design and content of the site can bring good income. Editors are irreplaceable here – they can place a maximum of useful information on the page, structure it, submit it simply and clearly.

The subject of online stores can be very different – from the sale of fashionable clothes or computers to the provision of photo services. The editor (sometimes called the content Manager) should make timely changes to the product catalog, search for and post thematic news, make market reviews, publish test results, and in addition, monitor site traffic and its position in search engines, know how important the promotion of the site is for the success of the company.

Editor for the Corporation
The second option is to work in one of the companies that has its own website. Today, many companies have their “representation” on the Internet – it is necessary to maintain the image and search for partners. On a well-designed corporate website anyone can quickly and clearly get acquainted with the history of the organization, its services and employees, news, events, etc. and make their impression about the company. And how it will be favorable – depends on the content (content) and website design.

Corporate websites of commercial organizations require from the editor not only computer literacy and knowledge of basic programs, he must also understand the company’s products, the situation in the market of relevant products, to understand how the company positions itself in the market. In small firms, one of the ordinary managers is usually responsible for filling the site, at best, a PR Manager who has to write materials for the site himself, because there is simply no point in keeping the editor on the staff for the sake of a few small articles per month.

Place of work – “electronic” media
In the electronic media, the editor’s talent can be fully developed. Recently, more and more electronic publications have appeared, and the usual print media, television programs and radio stations are increasingly moving to an alternative Internet format, combining both forms of information. And competent specialists are required everywhere.

The editors of the electronic media are engaged in the search and placement of information, interact with authors, running the texts of journalists, advertising and tracking its effectiveness, working with photos, communicate on the forums with site visitors.

It requires mobility, stress resistance, and for successful cooperation with the authors of materials, advertisers and respondents – contact and sociability. Often there is a need late at night or on a day off to urgently publish some news – and then the editor “goes online” from home or from an Internet cafe.

If the site is an electronic version of the printed edition, the editor publishes the materials of the newspaper on the site (in full or in the form of announcements), news blocks that the newspaper simply does not contain, supports additional sections specific only to the electronic format of the newspaper or magazine.

Site ideologists
Most sites on the Internet are thematic: dedicated to sports, politics, music, entertainment, home Economics, etc. Their main task is to attract a certain group of regular visitors, who will be targeted by advertising. With banner ads the owners of the subject sites and get a basic income. Editors come up with interesting topics, write and edit materials, select photos, moderate thematic forums.

The larger the organization, the more employees support the site, and each of them has its own category, topics and range of problems that need to be covered (politics, Economics, social issues). Requirements for editors largely depend on the specifics of the company. For example, a site about museums needs a person who knows how to work with basic computer programs (Word, Excel, Outlook Express) and is familiar with the history of culture and art, and the game portal – a specialist with experience in gaming, who knows how to maintain sites “from scratch”, make up and program.

First step
If you decide to become a website editor, first you need to decide on the topic you are interested in (news, politics, trade, culture, music, etc.) and start cooperation with the site as an author: write articles, process data, offer ideas.

To write test materials should be approached as responsibly as possible – it is for them that the editor of the site will have an opinion about you. In addition, in your daily editorial work, you yourself will have to constantly look for new authors and, accordingly, evaluate their work.

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