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Modern hosting systems for small and medium businesses

In our modern world, a significant role belongs to computer technology. The scope of its application is extremely wide. Computer technology is increasingly being introduced into the sphere of productive and scientific human activity. Every year the computing power required for realization of various tasks grows.

Modern computer systems are currently difficult to imagine without the use of Internet services. Various web sites that are now created not only by companies, but also by ordinary users, databases, virtual disks and other cloud services that are now located on the network and help to solve the problems of permanent access to data. And the question of where to place their data, to carry out various kinds of calculations, is more relevant than ever.

In this article, we will discuss how to place data on the Internet, so that each user can access certain information. Will be analyzed the opportunities and services of various hosting providers, their pros and cons, methods of self-organization of such a system. As well as the issues of security and protection of their information on the Internet, methods of detecting attacks, and analysis of suspicious activity will be discussed.


First, you should understand what is hosting. Hosting is a service of providing computing resources on the server for placing information on the Internet. Most often, to host any sites. Usually, hosting means the service of placing site files on a pre-configured server with the software necessary to process requests to site files and related services (Web server, database server, DNS server, CGI processor, FTP server, mail server).

But the use of hosting is not limited to the placement of sites. It is also possible to place programs that require constant access to the Internet, such as 1C. Organize file sharing or simply store files for personal use. You can also create your own server, such as gaming, which together with the rapidly growing gaming industry makes this service very popular, not only among hosting providers, but also among enthusiasts working in this area.

Hosting provider is a company engaged in the provision of hosting services and renting equipment. At this time, there are many hosting companies that provide various services that advertise their capabilities and services. Within the framework of this scientific work, only some of them will be considered, but this will allow to form a General idea of the services provided and the services provided.

Type of hosting

In a real situation types of hosting quite a lot, and it all depends on the desires and capabilities of the person or organization. But consider the main types of hosting, the names of which are often cited in advertisements of various hosting companies:

Virtual hosting – its feature is that all server resources are divided between hosting accounts, each of which can be placed several sites. On this hosting is already necessary for the operation of sites software – web server, database server, FTP server, PHP–processor, as well as provides additional options in the form of automatically deployable CMS for the site or a variety of designers;

Reseller hosting is a complete solution for reselling hosting. By purchasing reseller hosting, you become an intermediary between the hosting provider and the end user;

Virtual server (VPS server or VDS server) – This service implies that several virtual machines can be running on one physical server, each of which is completely isolated from the others. The tenant of such a server gets full access to the VPS management (at the administrator/root-user level) and can place everything necessary there;

Dedicated server – a separate physical server or computer, all the resources of which are at your disposal. This option is required to host a resource-intensive project with a large number of visitors, for example, medium or large online store. The owners of this service manage a dedicated server themselves, can install the required OS, and other software that allows you to flexibly configure the machine for certain tasks;

Colocation – placing your own dedicated server in the data center of the hosting provider. This service is similar to a “Dedicated server” with one exception. In this version, the client places his equipment in the data center, paying only for a place in the rack, the Internet and the energy consumed by the server. Data center, in turn, takes responsibility for the safety of this equipment, as well as for the stable Internet and continuous power supply.

Of these options, the most common is “virtual hosting”. This service is most often purchased by small firms and individuals who want to quickly and without much cost to place information about yourself on the network. The price for this service starts from 100 rubles per month, and the presence of the site designer for many hosting providers, simplifies this task.

The disadvantage of this option is its low flexibility and adaptation to specific tasks. As a rule, hosting providers allocate small resources to one client, this is from 4GB of disk space, the restriction of outgoing Internet traffic, the restriction on the use of the processor and the number of simultaneously hosted sites.

For a more flexible option, you should pay attention to the services of a dedicated server. But what you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting will be discussed further.

The choice of hosting

The choice of hosting is one of the most important moments of any organization. Since the decision depends on the fate of the organization’s projects, and its work as a whole.

The first step is to determine the minimum system requirements for any project or projects, whether further expansion and addition of functionality is planned. Since, if the plans of any company, provides for the creation of several large Internet resources, it is clearly worth choosing the services of a dedicated server, as virtual hosting will not be able to provide all the needs for deployment. And if you plan only to create a website business card, with the main information about the services of the company, you can use the budget rates for shared hosting.

The second point is to pay attention to the geographical location of the provider’s equipment. Since the fast response time and download speed, the main characteristics when working with any Internet services. If you plan to attract foreign citizens, the company should think about choosing additional, foreign hosting to reduce the time of customer access to data.

After determining the basic needs, you can already think about choosing a hosting provider, and its necessary services.

The hosting providers themselves form their rating according to the following parameters:

Reliability (uptime) – the ratio of operating time to downtime. This parameter is one of the main when choosing a provider;
Performance – this parameter determines the speed of the entire hosting as a whole, which is important when placing resource-intensive projects;
Response time (ping) – shows the response time of the server after the client accesses it. The lower this parameter, the better;
Sustained load – the parameter is similar to the performance, but shows the General state of the hosting for mass and long-term requests to the server;
Security – reliability of data safety during placement.
According to these parameters, the five leaders in Russia are headed by: Mchost, Eurobyte, HostMan, appletec, WebHost1. Tariffs directly on the hosting itself are not very different. So for example tariffs on “Virtual hosting” compare and describe on next quantitative and qualitative restrictions:

cgi support: Perl, PHP, Python, ASP, Ruby, JSP, Java;
modules and frameworks;
size of disk space for user files;
the amount of monthly traffic;
number of sites that can be hosted under one account;
number of FTP users;
the number of E-Mail boxes and the amount of disk space for mail;
number of databases and disk space for databases;
number of simultaneous processes per user;
the amount of RAM, and the maximum execution time allocated to each user process;
The choice between this line of tariffs should be carried out only from the price of the tariff and the opportunities provided. In some hosting companies, the bonus to such tariffs is SSL certificate and domain for the site.

If we talk about tariffs for a virtual server or a dedicated server, there are not so many restrictions, but they are more significant, so the main difference between these tariffs in the resources allocated to the client:

hard drive capacity;
amount of RAM
the number of processor cores and its frequency.

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