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In the XXI century it is impossible to imagine modern society without gadgets, smartphones, tablets or smart watches. Undoubtedly, these devices make our lives easier and bring diversity to our lives, but we still do not have a clear, reliable idea of the interaction of these devices for human life. If you search the Internet “What is a gadget?” then we will have the information “Gadget is a small device designed to facilitate and improve human life.”

According to statistics from the world health organization, more than 59% of the world’s population use smartphones, and the average user of the gadget checks his smartphone at least 150 times a day. In other words, the gadget has become an external human body.

In order to assess the impact of gadgets on human life, it is necessary to consider the positive and negative sides.

Positive side:

First: saving time. People who actively use the functionality of their smartphones (gadgets), there is no need to postpone the solution of issues related to the use of the Internet or computer for later: everything can be done here and now anywhere.

Second: multifunctionality. The main function of the smartphone is the ability to make and receive calls, store phone numbers and different information about them. But gadgets have many other features. For example:

Calendar – a standard application is a great helper in the effective organization of our time. Create reminders about events, seminars, meetings and so on.
Mail – smartphone owners can check their email.
Internet – perhaps access to the world wide web – is the main advantage that is most often needed by modern man.
Memory – a large amount of memory allows you to transfer a huge number of different files, including e-books, photos, music and so on.
Camera –capture (photograph) the most interesting moments of our lives needed from the location.
Voice recorder – record not only live conversations or music, but also to use phone call recording.
Flashlight – camera flash which is necessary for us in the dark.
Third: quick and easy access to the necessary information. Regardless of location, we can easily find the information you need.

Fourth: fast communication. This is an opportunity at any time to contact the right person via mobile communication, or the Internet.
Fifth: the possibility of self-development. Regardless of the location, on the road, by public transport or in the country, we can read a book, prepare for a lecture, watch a video lesson and everything we need for self-development.

Negative side:

First: health deterioration. Vision and hearing impairment, back and neck pain, mental disorders, cyber-pain and mental impairment;
Second: addiction. It is manifested in the fact that a person feels discomfort and confusion when there is no gadget in his hand. This condition is similar to the withdrawal of a drug addict. People literally fixate on the phone or computer and can not focus on live communication;
Third: departure from real life. Delving into the virtual life, the user forgets about everything, becomes dependent and lives a virtual life.
Smartphone is a device designed to simplify and improve our lives, each user should use with caution to their health not to abuse.


In many ways, the gadget is a useful device, depending on how and for what purposes to use. Of course, to keep up with the times, absolutely do without them or how it will not work. After all, in any situation, the gadgets will not let us get lost, we always prompt the necessary information, will virtually see the whole world and much more. It should be used moderately, not abused.

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