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Programmer: genius unwillingly

Programmer is one of the most popular and highly paid professions. Even not the most advanced specialist can find a job in accordance with their level of knowledge, and then gradually learn and gain experience.

In his head, numbers, algorithms and original ideas add up to useful, simple and accessible programs that can make life easier for millions of users of personal computers.

A good start to a career can be joining a group of programmers in the development of any project. Large projects often attract the attention of Western companies that “outbid” programmers. The problem of “brain drain” in this profession – one of the most acute. However, even today programmers have plenty of work – they are needed by both domestic software companies and any company where there is a computer network and it is necessary to adapt and configure the SOFTWARE for the needs of the organization.

I would BIOS invented…
Demand in the labor market for programmers is high, but the competition is appropriate. You will be able to find an interesting and well-paid job only if you know your business “perfectly well”. One of the most difficult in programming is the development of system software – services that control the components of the computer system (processor, communication and peripheral devices, as well as those that are designed to ensure the functioning and performance of the entire system (loaders, operating systems, device drivers, etc.). Such specialists are not in high demand today, as almost all products of this kind are produced abroad. Therefore, there is a chance to find a high-paying job in Western companies.

Creators and “encoders»
Another area of work for programmers is the development and creation of software that offers certain services to users (text editors, accounting software, games, SOFTWARE for video surveillance systems, databases, etc.).

The requirements for such programmers depend on the needs of the employer: from basic knowledge of the most popular programming languages (Delphi, Java, C++, etc.) and the ability to troubleshoot any office equipment to such rare skills as Lotus Notes development, knowledge of WinSock, WinInet, ATL, STL, etc.

Today there is a demand for specialists who adapt ready-made programs (mainly “1C: Accounting”, “1C: Warehouse”, etc.) to the specifics of a particular enterprise.

Web programmers
The Internet is developing more and more actively every year, and not to have your own web-site for the organization is simply not serious. Accordingly, the need for professionals capable of creating a website and providing its technical support is steadily growing. Traditional requirements for web programmers: knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, etc. Often programmers have to deal with and web-design.

In this work, there is one drawback – after a while, the duties of a full-time web-specialist are reduced to updating the content, fixing errors and writing simple scripts. If you are a creative person and like to work independently, it is better to discuss the working conditions and responsibilities in advance.

Another option is to find a place in a company professionally engaged in the development of web-sites on request.

Where programmers are trained
There are a lot of self-taught programmers. Many IT-specialists in education of mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. But today in universities you can choose a specialty directly related to programming: “Computers, systems, systems and networks”, “Automated information processing and control systems”, “computer-aided design”, “Computer software and automated systems”. By the way, these specialties are taught mainly in state universities.

Experienced programmers advise not to look for easy ways and try to enter one of the most prestigious universities. This ensures a high quality of training.

If you are going to study to be a programmer, be ready for serious requirements in mathematics – both at admission and throughout the study. So do not spare time for the “Queen of Sciences”, especially since the competition for these specialties is traditionally high.

It is better to choose a place for practice independently, and such where you will be able really to open the talent and to show all the opportunities. Otherwise, you risk spending a few months as a PC operator or assistant system administrator.

Career and salary
The first step in your career can be a programmer-trainee. Large IT companies often publish such vacancies. It is necessary to have a good theoretical background, it is desirable to know high-level languages (C++, VB, VFP, C#, VB. Net.). The salary of an Intern is about $ 1000. A full-time programmer in a mid-level company (not IT) gets up to $ 1500-1800, a little more – in an organization associated with mass software development. The lead programmer salary – $ 2500-3000. The next step is the head of the IT Department. The necessary knowledge is added to the mandatory work experience, foreign language skills, personnel management skills, etc., and earnings can reach $ 4000. A good programmer can become the head of a large software development project, and here the level of income reaches $ 5000 and above.

Many programmers prefer not to work in the company’s staff, but to be freelancers (i.e. “free artists”) and carry out one-time orders without leaving home. A freelancer receives a reward that directly depends on the complexity of the project. For a typical task, which takes two or three days, you can get $ 300-500. The upper limit of payment can be absolutely any ($ 3000 and above). The advantage of this method of work is that you can simultaneously perform several tasks of different employers, earning, thus, much more.

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