Specialist in the field of information technologies
In the list of promising specialties direction of information technology (Information Technologies, IT) occupies a special place. This industry has already changed the world and continues to play a key…

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Profession – web master
The user does not think how much is needed to "click" the mouse to open the page. He did not have to think - the main thing that was convenient…

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Modern hosting systems for small and medium businesses
In our modern world, a significant role belongs to computer technology. The scope of its application is extremely wide. Computer technology is increasingly being introduced into the sphere of productive…

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The most highly paid IT specialists are trained in Moscow and Novosibirsk

According to the study, which was conducted by one of Russia’s largest portals for job search the most highly paid professionals in the field, information technology, prepare four Russian Universities – Moscow state University, MEPhI, MIPT and the Novosibirsk state University (NSU).

The researchers divided all higher education institutions in the country, preparing graduates in the IT sector, into 10 categories. The first included Universities, graduates of which receive an average of 85 thousand rubles – MSU, MEPhI, MIPT and NSU. In the second group with an average salary of 80 thousand rubles got MSTU. Continue reading

As the founder of “1C” built a business with revenue of $1 billion (part 3)

Anatoly Karachinsky, head of IBS Group, is more careful in his assessments. He believes that although 1C has done an amazing job showing how a local developer can create a standard accounting program, the merits of Nuraliev’s company in the ERP market should not be exaggerated. “1C” has won the accounting market due to a good distribution system and a large number of partners, which they gave the opportunity to earn on consulting and implementation of programs, — he says. — But in the market of complex ERP systems, SAP and Oracle are still struggling, and 1C will have to answer the challenge — to rise from the accounting system, which has become the standard for small businesses, to the segment of large ERP.” Continue reading

As the founder of “1C” built a business with revenue of $1 billion (part 2)

Rebirth of dealers
In 1994, small and medium-sized companies could already afford more expensive products, and their owners understood the need for modern accounting. Noticing changes in demand, “1C” released the program “Accounting 6.0” for Windows. Qualification of accountants was not enough, and the seller had to think about technical support. “1C” could go the traditional way, expanding the staff of technical services, but even the most brilliant support service would not be able to provide quality support for the product throughout the country. Continue reading

As the founder of “1C” built a business with revenue of $1 billion (part 1)

Starting a quarter century ago with the development of “electronic teletype”, the entrepreneur has created a sales network for the sale of software, which is envied by major retailers
The interior of the office of the Director of “1C” Boris nuralieva ascetic: table, standard cabinets, shelves. On the shelves are yellow boxes of his company’s computer programs. Here, in October 2008, Nuraliev and Elena Ivashentseva, senior partner of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, an investment company interested in acquiring a stake in 1C for the funds, met. Prior to this, the education Department rarely communicated with representatives of the investment community.

The lifestyle of the founder of “1C” is as modest as the decor of his office. He is rarely seen in a suit — the Creator of the company prefers a sweater to a jacket, and puts on a bright yellow t-shirt or a sweatshirt for corporate events, like other employees. Until the mid-2000s, he drove an old “Volga”. Continue reading

Moscow city hall has launched an SMS service to spy on debtors

The Department of information technology of Moscow has launched an SMS-service to track possible arrears in fines, fees and other payments, the press service of the Department reports.

Now, to find out about the debts on enforcement proceedings, you need to send an SMS to the number 7377 with the name and date of birth of the potential debtor. The request will be sent directly to the FSSP data Bank. If the subscriber has any debts, his number will receive confirmation of SMS-request: the amount of debt, as well as the name and contacts of the bailiff. Continue reading

How Alexander Sysoev tamed Goliath (part 2)
The creation of the team Real business requires a stop-loss involvement. Only if you immerse yourself in your business with all your strength and all your time — the project…


Benefits of working as an online employee
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Software tester: looking for errors
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Website editor: head to the Internet
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