Software tester: looking for errors
On the forums, software testers call themselves unsung heroes. The comparison is accurate: all the merits for the creation of the program are attributed to the developer, while the tester…

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13 of the rules of introduction of IT systems
How to avoid the loss of money and time when investing in information technology We, system integrators, are ashamed of our market: in the whole world it grew during the…

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Methods of assessing the economic efficiency of the use of information technology in the financial activities of enterprises
The urgency of the problem. A common approach to determining the economic efficiency of it implementation is the ratio of profit and total costs of the enterprise. However, the effectiveness…

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Specialist in the field of information technologies

In the list of promising specialties direction of information technology (Information Technologies, IT) occupies a special place. This industry has already changed the world and continues to play a key role in its further change.

Without computers we can not do, and people who understand them – everywhere in great demand. Canada, Germany and other countries give the green light to foreign IT-specialists, just to fill the existing vacancies.

“Within five years, the company will either be presented on the Internet or cease to exist,” – said in 1999, the head of the Corporation Intel Andy Groves (Andy Groves). His prognosis then seemed too categorical statement, but today even pessimists are forced to admit that he was right. Continue reading

Work in the field of Internet

The world wide web has given life to many promising new professions. To date, the situation in Internet Commerce is stable, even there is a constant growth.

Experts distinguish two areas in the Internet sphere. The first is focused on business (buisiness to buisiness), and the second — directly to the consumer (buisiness to consumer). Moreover, the first direction has a more pronounced dynamics and real growth prospects. There is nothing surprising in this. Business representatives have long understood what virtual reality is, and decided for themselves to what extent they can use it for business. However, in the vast expanses of our country you can still find a man who has not heard a word of this. Continue reading

Trends of the labor market in the field of telecommunications

Despite the difficult economic situation, the sphere of telecommunications and it is developing rapidly. This is interesting for applicants, because it offers ample opportunities for growth and a high level of payment, and recruiters, promising expensive projects.

The most popular specialties
Speaking of telecommunications, we can distinguish the most popular specialties among qualified professionals such as: designers, service engineers. The demand for the work of sales managers also significantly exceeds supply. The need for middle managers and top managers does not decrease. Continue reading

How to become not just a good, but a better system administrator

Many system administrators complain about low income, monotonous work, lack of prospects. This is not beginners, but experienced professionals – so it’s not just knowledge and skills. That, except technical skills, the system administrator for perfection needs, we will consider in this article.

Soft skills
Technical skills are abilities that confirm qualifications, provide opportunities for career growth. However, more and more recruiters pay attention to the so-called “soft” skills. These include: the ability to maintain communication, teamwork, understanding and compliance with professional ethics, pronounced personal qualities, creative thinking. Continue reading

Free simulator for the formation of practical programming skills

Learning programming develops new ways of thinking, gives you the prospect of finding a good job, gives you a sense of superiority and generally makes you cool.

There is a natural question: how to learn programming? The first thing that comes to mind – buy a book “Programming for dummies.” Memorize all the terms, learn all the given code examples and be proud of your knowledge. But what good would that do? After all, a good programmer should not only know, but also be able to apply their knowledge in practice. Therefore, if you really want to become a coder, you need to look for other teachings. Continue reading

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"Code is the law": how to avoid substitution of the principle of decentralization (part 2)
"Decentralization" and "autonomy" mean joint management of society and its organization. And registries can provide excellent technical support, including in the construction of many new scenarios of interaction between participants…


Specialist in the field of information technologies
In the list of promising specialties direction of information technology (Information Technologies, IT) occupies a special place. This industry has already changed the world and continues to play a key…


Microsoft launched the service Teams
Statsbot, which is a launch partner, displays the necessary metrics in the corporate chat Microsoft has officially announced the launch of the service Teams, which should become a competitor Slack.…


The use of an electronic signature greatly simplifies the process of signing documents and concluding contracts, since it does not require the personal presence of persons concluding various acts. However,…